The gods were a lie. Daemons would devour us. Moons plague us. The sky is dying. Even the hells are vomiting their stores. We have only one another — and I don’t trust you.

Thrimn fel-Kann, scion of Imigrogun

Grim Demesne is an adult dark fantasy setting for my games and fiction, inspired by and blending the aesthetics of sword and sorcery, pulp fantastic horror, and contemporary epic and dark fantasies – from Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Clark Ashton Smith, and C. L. Moore to Michael Moorcock, Tanith Lee, Glen Cook, and Steven Erickson.

This world has been spinning, growing, and cooking for two decades, but never set down or put to use. Until now. This site will be updated as content is developed and finalized. An outline for a novel is in the works, but ideas for gaming and short stories are at the fore.

Grim Demesne

Castle of the moon by seandonaldson d7gzvsz